Individual Therapy

Feeling like you can’t control your emotions is no fun. It can cause problems in relationships with others, as well as lead to self-destructive behaviors. DBT Individual Therapy has been proven to help people control their emotions. And, it can help you save your relationships!

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DBT Groups

Oftentimes if you struggle with emotions, people tell you that there’s something wrong with you, and you believe it. This can be very isolating. DBT Skills Groups are a great place to learn DBT skills and practice them with others. It’s also a place to learn that you are not alone.

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Family Skills Training

It’s difficult to watch a loved one suffer. Family members can feel like they’ve tried everything and there’s nowhere else to turn. Learning DBT skills, through groups or individually with a trained therapist, can help families to know that they are not alone, and help to restore those relationships.

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