Tracey Gagne, LPC

Hi, I’m Tracey Gagné, EdS, LPC, NCC

And I Provide DBT Counseling for Individuals and Families in Decatur, GA.

I help individuals and families who are challenged with Borderline Personality Disorder get their emotions under their control and their relationships into better balance. Through patience and active listening, I provide a space where you are encouraged yourself non-judgmentally and authentically.

Together, we’ll explore how you can use DBT skills in your everyday life to help you take control of your overwhelming emotions and attain balance in your relationships.

Helping Individuals and Families Overcome Overwhelming Emotions

With all the messages that you get to “not get mad” or “get over” your emotions or “it’s not that bad,” it can be easy to feel out of control when you have a valid emotional response to life’s ups and downs. This can cause problems in your relationships as others lose patience and you feel misunderstood—even with family members.

There can come a time when you don’t want to experience any emotions, because it’s just too hard. Eventually, you may start hurting yourself in physical ways so that you can have some relief from the emotional pain—it can distract you from the emotions and cause others to finally “understand” how much pain you’re in. Or, you may have suicidal thoughts that turn into threats or actions. Whatever route your intense emotions take you down doesn’t lead to the understanding from others that you need, and that can lead to feelings of shame and guilt and even more intense emotions, including intense isolation from those we love. What a vicious cycle to be caught in!

Most People Don’t Understand What It’s Like to Experience Intense Emotions

Even though most people experience a wide range of emotions, most don’t understand when emotions are really intense and can give you feedback that you’re “too much,” “too sensitive,” or “too dramatic.” These messages can cause you to believe that there’s something wrong with you that needs to be fixed, and you don’t believe that’s possible.

And, why would you? You’re isolated from relationships that help you to feel good about yourself, and you keep receiving messages that you deserve to be alone.
It’s Possible To Start Feeling Less Out of Control
As your therapist, I will sit with whatever emotions you have to show you that it can be done, while teaching you skills so that you can sit with them, too. I will validate your emotions.

Therapy sessions with me will help you to:

  •  sit with difficult emotions;
  •  use skills so that situations don’t get worse;
  •  know in advance when a situation will be difficult and plan for it;
  •  communicate your wants and needs in your relationships;
  •  feel better most of the time.

DBT therapy can be life-changing and feel almost magical!

A Little About My Professional Background

I received my Masters in Professional Counseling and then my Education Specialist Degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University. I was trained in DBT therapy both here in Georgia and through PESI’s DBT training with Lane Pederson. I am licensed as an LPC in Georgia.

DBT Therapy Can Help You Get Your Emotions Under Control and Your Relationships into Balance

Meeting with a therapist can help people struggling with the symptoms of BPD and their families feel more connected to their emotions and to the people around them.

Let’s discover how I can help. Reach out for your free phone consultation. During the phone consultation we will discuss how I can help, and you may ask any questions you have. Reach out to me for your free phone consultation at 404-519-9211 or by emailing me at tracey.gagne.lpc@gmail.com today.